CALEA Data Storage Guidelines

CALEA Data Storage Guidelines

A. Data Ownership

B. Data Sharing, access and security

C. Loss of Data, irregularities and recovery

D. Data Retention and Redundancy

E. Required Reports, if any

F. Special Logistical Requirements

Data Ownership

Tracker does not own any client data. You are the sole owner of the data. At any time you may download a copy of your data or request from Tracker a full copy of your data. Upon your request, we will remove any data that is owned by the agency.

Data Sharing

Tracker will not, at any time, sell or share your data with any other entity unless you request that to be done. This request must be made in writing.

Loss of Data

Our business is based on your data being available. We go beyond industry standard practices to ensure that your data is secure and available. See our section on network security and backup practices for more information.

Data Retention and Redundancy

See network security and backup practices for more information.

Required Reports

Please submit any special report requirements to

Special Logistical Requirements

Pleas submit any special logistical requirements to